About Project

Kiru HE Project (624 MW), a run-of-river scheme is proposed on river Chenab in district Kishtwar of Union Territory of J&K and is about 42 kms from Kishtwar. The Project envisages construction of 135 m high Dam and an underground Power House with 4 units of 156 MW each.

Project Features

Location Village Patharnakki in Kishtwar District of Jammu & Kashmir UT.
Dam 135 m high Concrete Gravity Dam
Water conductor system Underground circular steel lined, 4 Nos., dia : 5.5 m (internal) and length varying from 316 m to 322 m
Power House Underground 4 units of 156 MW each (624 MW)
Tail Race Tunnel 4 nos, length varying from 165 m to 190 m, and 7.0 m dia each
Annual Energy 2272.02 MU in 90% dependable year
Project Cost Rs 4287.59 Cr (July 2018 price level)
Completion Period 54 months
Tariff First year – Rs 4.27 per unit / Levellised Tariff – Rs 4.64 per unit